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Our mission

At Shahid Mahdavi Educational Complex, we aim to nurture lifelong learners who are independent, reflective, social, responsible, and self-confident, through a holistic education that promotes hard work, joy and balance.

Our vision

A school where everyone feels at home, a place where not only children, but also parents and colleagues enjoy coming to share their love for learning, a place where our children learn to face the challenges of the future with confidence, a place where we hear birds, find laughter and happy memories. A school where a holistic environment is that the service of a holistic curriculum that recognizes and enhances all the dimensions of children (social, physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual) and gives to its students a complete and balanced education so that they may be successful in their studies and all aspects of their life. A school where everyone strives for excellence, that is, developing one’s inner potential.

About Our School

Not only has Shahid Mahdavi Educational Complex had an excellent reputation for providing quality education for over 23 years it is now an authorized IB  World School. The Mahdavi International section was developed to serve the internationally mobile community of Tehran. This truly international school is located in the campus of the Shahid Mahdavi Educational Complex and is authorized to offer the world renowned IB PYP. The complex is over 14,000 square meters and has 2 pools (1 for younger children and 1 for older children), a 700 meter multipurpose gymnasium, 3 science labs, a ballet studio, an auditorium for plays and performances that seats 300, large airy classrooms and IT labs. SMIS students have access to all these exceptional facilities. Each classroom is equipped with a computer that is connected to the internet and viewing screen. At SMIS, we are committed to international mindedness. This is a thoughtful, critical perspective that applies to who we are and what we do. It includes how we communicate, our political awareness, cultural understanding, celebrating diversity, global awareness of global issues, and a reflection on how knowledge is constructed and applied. SMIS faculty focuses on moving students toward becoming people who reflect the characteristics of the IB Learner Profile. According to the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), an internationally minded person is someone who demonstrates the attributes of the Learner Profile, which are the qualities determined to be most important in creating positive and productive citizens of the world.

Every Child Supported

At SMIS every child is supported in their learning and growing—academically, physically, socially, and emotionally. We work as a team with parents and students to offer the very best of opportunities for every child. Our approach is quite simple—students first. By carefully assessing student development, planning with individuals in mind, and differentiating learning opportunities, we are able to meet our students’ needs. Not only do we work to identify individual learning targets for each student to ensure they are working at an appropriate level, we also consider the more holistic needs of each student. Mahdavi International School is an English-Medium Education and an English Immersion Experience. Our commitment is getting every non-native English speaking student fully engaged in the classroom. English is the language of inclusion. SMIS students not only use English in the academic setting SMIS students rely on English to make friendswith children from other countries and backgrounds – on the playground, in the cafeteria, etc. Students study French and Persian as additional languages.

Learning for the Real World

At SMIS this means our students are taught WHY we should know something and HOW it connects to other subjects and the real world. It means high quality teaching and learning-challenging instruction and worldwide knowledge. It also means opportunities to study abroad for college/university, as well as opportunities to make friends with others at IB schools around the world.


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